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MASTURBATION IS THE WAY I know you have missed me. You long to worship my body head to toes. The desire grows in you as I slowly touch my perfect body and invite you to kiss and lick me inch by inch. Yes, I want you to touch you cock for me. Masturbate as I tease and lead your mind and hand. Load your balls for me, show me how much you love me, make them hang heavy between your legs, for me. Masturbate my way. Obey your Goddess every step of your way to!GOLDEN LIPS FINGER PLAY Custom C. My lips are irresistible, a powerful addictive d*rug that you dream of tasting. Look how full and shinny they are, mesmerizing you into deep desire. Watch how my finger slowly slides allover my lips, how my tongue caress them so good. You must worship my lips, you need them soooo bad.CLIMAX HANDS Custom C. I just love my hands. The are long, slim and strong. Licking, sucking and kissing my palms and fingers makes me moan with pleasure. I know you would like to please me by worshiping my hands, Watch and lean. SECRETARY REVENGE Custom C. This is the beginning of your distruction! I had enough of you in this office, now you are mine, after I tricked you and downsize you like this. Now its my time to trample you, to literally trample you. I will smother and smash you tiny fragile body. You will suffer for me, I am going to keep you like this forever. Place you in my shoe and walk all day long on you. This is the beginning of the rest of your life.

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