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If you're interested in a quote for a custom video, and your script matches the genres offerred in our store, feel free to contact: Customs We present fictional erotic scenerios where "step" releations explore sexual fantasies as well as Cuckolding, Homewrecking, Blackmail, and Revenge.
For the purpose of clip descriptions:
Daughter = Adult Step-daughter
Excellent incest from the best studios of this genre there is everything and Roleplay, MILF, Family Sex, Mother Son, Father Daughter!Sarah is so happy her son is home, she has been really lonely. Nathan seems to have gown up so much while he was away. There is something she has thought about for a while, and, it seems like Nathan is old enough now for Sarah to tell him how she feels Sarah has been so happy that she has Nathan home and all to herself. She has become insatiable although she hasn't really told him how much she needs him home all the time. He's on his way to meet up with some friends when she finally shows just how much she needs him to stay home.So, I fucked my sister. And it was fucking GOOD! I don't think I ever blew that big a load in my life. Now, now what? I know I need to talk to her, make sure she is ok, that we're ok. Mom and dad take off for the day and Athena is just chilling on the couch so, I man up and go to talk to her. She is happy the second she sees me, so that's good. As soon as I tell her mom and dad aren't home she jumps up and starts to strip. She's so excited she almost falls over, SHT! We are totally about to fuck again!Sheena has been talking to her friend Sarah how about how much dating at their age sucks. And she has to admit, she really just needs sex, GOOD sex. No strings, no drama just someone to fuck her like she needs it regularly. Sheena is used to her friend being the one to always be the one that she can talk to, since no matter how much of a slut she feels like for confessing her needs, Sarah is always twice as bad as she is. This time Sarah's suggestion is way over the line even for her, which says a lot. Sheena is shocked when Sarah confesses she has been fucking her own SON! It's crazy! It's...disgusting?It's the next morning and Sheena can NOT believe she did what she did. She fucked here son! And, it was SO damn good she gets wet just thinking about it, which makes her feel more guilty! Nathan comes in while she is just trying to have some coffee and figure out what to do. She tries explaining it was a mistake, and she's sorry, but, she sees the look in his eye. He wants more, and, she knows she should end it right there, but instead she tells him, since he is so worked up, and it isn't his fault that they can do it one more time, but that is the end of it...

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