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Ashley Alban - Siterip. Her good figure excellent looks on the penis, she makes the best blowjob and loves to get fucked in the ass.Sensual little JOI sesh with Ash to help you work through your issues/fears of pre-mature ejaculation. She shows off her body as she talks you through relaxing and stroking slowly. At the end, she tells you to concentrate as she gives you a countdown before you can cum. And if you didn’t make it to the end of the video, don’t worry! Watch it again in the future and try to last longer next time! Your friend Ash asks if you’re ready to leave to go get lunch, and as she opens the door, you decide to go for it and grab her ass. Ash turns around immediately and asks what the fuck you think you’re doing. You tell her that you like her a lot and she just laughs in your face. She says that the two of you are JUST friends and she would never date or have sex with you. You ask her why, and she says that it is because you are too short. She says that she’s taller than you without even wearing shoes. Ash loves wearing heels when she goes out, and says that it would look completely ridiculous if she were with you. It would look like she’s with her little brother. You try to protest, so Ash pulls out a pair of heels and puts them on to show you how much taller she is. She says that even a guy who is 6 ft tall would probably not be tall enough for her. She laughs about how you’re the same height as her tits and that you probably have a small dick too because you’re short. Ash describes how she (and most other girls) want a real man—a guy who is tall, strong, and has a big dick. After making fun of you for a while, Ash gets fed up and tells you to get the fuck out of her apartment.Honestly, this is a bit of a slow-build video, but if you like taboo and/or body-swapping, you’re going to love this video. So, basically, you figure out out to swap into your hot step-mom’s body. (I dunno how. This is porn. Suspend reality for a bit.) You’re stoked that it worked. You unbutton her shirt and you’re very pleased with her sexy bra and tig ol’ bitties. You wonder if she has more lingerie so you go into her room to check. At first you only find some basic bras and panties, but after opening another drawer in her dresser, you hit the jackpot. You pick a set out and struggle to get the bra on. Being a girl is difficult. You’re so fucking horny, and you wish you had your dick and could just fuck her. But, you’ll settle for masturbating in her body. You put on some stockings and heels as well. Might as well go big or go home (to your body). You get into her bed and start to explore her pussy—it’s all yours now! After playing for a bit, you get curious about what is in her bedside table. It’s a massive vibrator. Classic. Girls always look like they have the craziest orgasms when you see them use a vibrator like this in porn, so you give it a whirl. It’s intense.

After some positioning and practice, you find the sweet spot. You give yourself a mind-blowing orgasm. Nice. Time to change back into her regular clothes before the body-swap wears off.Here’s a sequel to “Step-Mom Has a Gambling Problem!” Brief recap: your hot, young step-mom has a bit of a problem gambling at the casino, and she does not want your dad to find out. You help cover for her, and in return, she reluctantly let’s you fuck her. Today, you’re in the living room playing a video game, and she comes in and gives you a bit of a hard time about it. She says that you should really sign up for some sport or club to get some more physical activity in after-school. You tell her that you already get plenty of physical activity and remind her of your arrangement. She laughs and tells you that doesn’t count. You ask where your dad is, and since he’s out, if the two of you can follow up with your arrangement. She agrees—but it has to be fast.She tells you to pull out your dick and start to stroke as she teases you with her butt. She is wearing tight jeans that hug her ass perfectly. She pulls them down to reveal a tiny thong. She jokes about how you must love to have such a hot mom. Once you’re hard, she pulls her thong down, gets on all fours on the sofa, and tells you to hurry up and fuck her. At first she is like she normally is: completely business-like about the whole thing. But her phone rings, and she answers while you’re still inside of her. It’s your dad; he is on his way home. She tells you to hurry up and cum, and she even talks dirty to you to help you along. She clearly gets into it, and completely misses the door closing as she begs for you to cum inside her. You dad is home, and he has to clear his throat loudly to get your attention. Your step-mom is flustered. She explains that you had questions about girls, so she was giving you a little sex education. To both of your surprise, your dad isn’t angry. He is actually very turned on by the whole thing and asks if you two can fuck again while he watches. She turns to you to!Watch cam model Ashley Alban explore her favorite fetishes!

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