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Welcome to the website of Derbyshire Mistress Vixen, the elite Dominatrix for your pain and submission in Derbyshire at Her Derbyshire Dungeon.
Derbyshire Mistress Vixen enjoys a wide range of BDSM pleasures and welcomes suitable submissives into Her stable of slaves in Derbyshire.
This site contains content of an explicit BDSM related nature. / Mistress Vixen - SITERIP
Mistress Vixen of Derbyshire
I am Mistress Vixen, I am based in Derbyshire in the UK. I am now 34 years old and have been a professional Dominatrix for 16 years. For many years, I produced and featured in videos from my own website, and previously for Cruella, I have also featured in many videos for The English Mansion, Femme Fatale Films, Woman Worship and many others. I have a reputation for being beautiful whilst still approachable, harsh and challenging, though still humorous and caring. / Mistress Vixen - SITERIP
I am very happy to push experienced subs hard, making they experience the extreme pain and humiliation they so desperately crave and deserve. However I am hugely experienced at nudging new comers through their first timid steps in the wonderful world of Femdom – usually they are surprised how far they go whilst trying to impress me, safe in the knowledge that I will know if they try to be too brave!
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