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Welcome, my fellow sick perverts and lovely humans. I’m Neil, and this is my domination film journal. You won’t find anything else like this site anywhere. I hope it will earn your attention.


For too long, people who enjoy rough sex and BDSM have had to live in two separate worlds: the normal, respectable world; and the kinky world to which we sneak away when others aren’t looking.

For too long, when we’ve expressed our deeper thoughts and desires, we’ve had to choose between the high road or the low road: art and spirituality, or smut.

Our culture, rooted in sexual shame, has built a wall between our kinky desires and the other aspects of our humanity. With only rare exceptions, our art and academic institutions continue to shun the harder aspects of kinky sex, other than to sensationalize the normal people who enjoy it or use us as ladders for personal recognition. Meanwhile, our more hardcore forms of sexual expression continue to exist almost exclusively in a vacuum devoid of human tenderness, imagination, and creative and spiritual aspiration.

This is why I created Domthenation.

I believe that we can be sick, fucked-up brutal bastards; pathetic, degraded little bitches; bondage-loving weirdos; dominants and submissives; or whatever else; and that we can also be good, caring, loving, imaginative, creative, spiritually hungry, beautiful, funny, fun, and wise all at the same time. I believe we are multiple, in serial and parallel.

I believe that 99% of art and literature is unwhole or even dishonest, and 99% of pornography exists as an almost necessary reaction to the stifling environment in which we find ourselves.

I couldn’t find what I sought in academia or in books or films. Most porn left my brain and spirit unsatisfied. So I created this site to break down the mental walls we’ve inherited and to help illuminate and celebrate the full humanity of people who enjoy sexual kink, especially the more hardcore and taboo varieties of it.

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