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Posted: 13-09-2023, 22:26 | Category: Special Interest SiteRip's | Views: 7 194 - SITERIP - SITERIP. Zim Hunter and PervyPixie – two Amateur Fetishists with a love for Porn.On this site you will find all sorts of original Videos and Pictures – mostly BDSM, Piss and Facefucking content. BUT, we have all sorts of Fetishes so you will be in for much more …Why should you join us on our Site?Well … first off, we are original! We produce content that is rare and sometimes completely new to the Porn Scene!Both of us have seen A LOT of Porn through the years and often times it gets repetative and boring.Have you ever watched a smoking hot video and while jerking off you hope for something specific to happen … but it never does?Why didn’t the Guy do that instead?Zim does that!Why did the Girl pull away right at that moment?Pixie doesn’t do that!We are who we are …We don’t pretend and we don’t want to fake anything! What we do is what we like and we will NEVER produce anything that is not a turn on for us.Whether it is a simple POV Facefuck Video or a more elaborate Cannibal Fantasy Roleplay where we play Characters and use Effects. It is the real thing – it is us!We are in love with each other and we don’t want to hide that. So even though we make pretty brutal stuff we also kiss and smile.Sex should be fun! Our opinion is that if you take Sex too serious it gets less sexy.We really appreciate our Fans! If you Join our Site you will not be taken for granted.Both of us are very polite and we don’t want to be ungrateful. We know you are spending your Money on us and we want to give you your money’s worth. Not just by giving you great perverted content but also by hearing what YOU would like to see! We can’t promise to do what is requested but we take all suggestions into consideration.We always reply to comments and questions (unless they are rude).So.. if any or all of the above mentioned promises are to your liking, please join our Site and have a blast! ……Hopefully in more than one way

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