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When it comes to sneaking in to locked facilities and taking whatever I want… I have the pick of the litter. I saunter in, as if there is no one else in the world and all that matters is Me, right now, right here. Ha… what rules? What security? I don’t know those words. The catnip relaxes and invigorates Me, all at once. Purrrrrrr……… Let’s see what I’m taking from this place – because all of it is Mine. All I need to do is break the right lock with the right pick. There’s always one. Once I find it, I get excited about what I’m about to loot. But I’ll settle for a cat nap. I caress My breasts, My ass, My legs, as I slither along the open hallways looking for prey. I awake, recharged and eager to prowl. But not too eager. I take My time. I pace My steps. I stalk. The walk I take, the way My body moves like a pussy-ninja, the mischief in My eyes…My malicious intent is undeniably erotic. Purrrrrr…. As I come around the corner, you are mesmerized by My seductive prowess. You are locked in place as I walk toward you. Slowly. Precisely. RAWRRR!!! HISS!! SWIPE!!! KICK! You’re down for the count, and the last thing you see before your world goes blank is the vision of My heaving breasts hovering over you. *** you awaken, fuzzy, in My lair. My sexual presence jolts you into alertness. *** …I just want to make you feel good. …I just want us to be on the same team. …Ssssshhhh. Let’s work together. Take a deep breath. Relax. Even as I was kicking your ass and overpowering you, your cock was hard and I knew you wanted – no, needed – more. How are you going to resist Me now? That’s right, darling…you can’t. But you can try. I want you to try to resist. This catnip is special. When I told Poison Ivy what I wanted to do with it, she was more than happy to mix up something that you’ll never forget. Keep breathing, as you stroke your cock… let the kitty help you… …are you feeling it yet? Just focus on My hands, My fingers… stroking you… making you melt like cream… The more aroused you become, the weaker you get. Draining you of all of your self control. No strength to resist Me. If you should cum, it will be the end of you. That’s right. The end. The mesmerizing, rush effects of My toxins and My sex take you over. …you’re feeling it. Yes. Purrrrrr… Ssshhhhhhhhh, don’t cum, don’t cum, for god’s sake, don’t cum, whatever you do! Alas. I don’t think you’re strong enough to hold back when My hands are around your penis. Stroking. Purring. Writhing. Brain washing. Mindfucking. Can you? Or will you slowly become dizzy and succumb to the power of Pussy? FREE 3:31 minute PREVIEW on PHub! Please remember this video when the Fetish Awards nominations open!
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