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Goddess Valora - SITERIP

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Goddess Valora - SITERIP

Ancient archaeologist, Valora, and her dig team are looking for artifacts from ancient Mesopotamia. Valora is desperate to get a grant for future digging and to show up her fellow colleagues. She finds an old bracelet, stuffs it into her bag and runs to a secret location to inspect it. This is exactly the kind of finding she needs for that grant. Curious as to how the bracelet would look on her, Valora puts it on a begins to feel strange. A glowing aura surrounds her as she begins to change. She goes through a complete transformation and becomes The Tigris, an ancient sexual evil. She feels nothing but the overwhelming desire to conquer and destroy all men. She quickly begins her reign of terror. You’ve been drafted by the Army to be part of the first line of defense against The Tigris. Although you lack supernatural powers, you are one of the strongest men alive. You’re sent to The Middle East to take her down. When you arrive she confronts you and gloats that you’re no match against her. The Tigris tells you to try to throw a hit. You do and she deflects it with easy. She doesn’t like your attitude and with the flick of her wrist, she sends you into a dreamy state of mind… She snaps her fingers and The Tigris is in your head. She’s taken you to another mental plain to toy with you. She offers you a challenge: If you can withstand her sexuality without cumming, you will defeat her. If you cum, you become her slave. You have no choice but to play along. Can you resist this divine demon? Even if you can, she’ll pull out all the dirty tricks to make it impossible to win. [Custom was for Elliot] Apply My markup codes to your order: Cum Tax = CUM4VALORA Loser Tax = VALORALOSERTAX Additional dignity lost = DRAIN4VALORA — Don’t forget to order your custom today!
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